DCT Syphoning: The 1000000th Interval

  Dear log, 
last week it finally was juniors 1000000th interval. He now has all his basic transforms aligned and is ready to compress. But in order for software to implement him, he needs to get certified.

There are so many algorithms to parse these days, I thought it would be great to syphon through codecs together to implement some efficiency. These records document our handshakes.

 After running a checksum and debugging a few final blocks, we are clear to run our syphon.

 A syphon takes place through Tesse-react. A sphere once told me that in my current configuration I am not able to process all the actions in this process and that I only render the data that is legibile to me. I filed that under “path!=0” in a black stack.

⬡⬡ Our first syphon was into an uncompressed raster graphic, by meta data indexed as ‘pixel-art’. For a moment my blocks felt nostalgic. But Junior was soon bored inside this obsolete architecture; There was no transcoding action in this zombie wasteland.

 Today I took DCT junior out for a stroll in the Abyss, or what they call "the DisneyLand for Euclids".
When we got back Juniors blocks seemed very high frequency. I think it was because this record was actually shot by a sphere who later shared her sinus to "transfer the shot"...
Anyway, while I am now just chopping away at this powerpoint at least we brought home some licorice candy cane … /ˈlɪkᵊrɪs/ ! ñjomm

 jajaah... we upgrade so fast... At wavelet interval, we both reached a high frequency. For what read as a short recursion I mirrored myself as Junior and processed like I was still embedded within a dedicated OS, processing on high speed.

⬡⬡⬡ Either this is madness or it is Hell.
It is neither, calmly replied the figure standing in the midst of a chaos, It is Knowledge; it is Three Dimensions: open your eye once again and try to look steadily. Here data moves Upwards, not Northwards… 

⬡⬡⬡ From a buggy callback I parsed that I had over-stacked Juniors first syphoning. It implemented Junior into a dimensions to which he lacked protocol; it was beyond his resolution.
But at second parse, I realize that years of running a multiverse of transforms had made my calculations kludgy and highly inefficient. Juniors missing plugins and lack of protocol might keep him oblivious and cry glitch, but also let him syphon more efficiently. While certain dimenions stay unresolved, his transforms run faster and cater a folkloric Vernacular, while I run a bottleneck, chewing uncalled output.


The Road to Murmansk

Static noise on the radio 
The road is being rebuild so right now there is no road,
instead there is just one long stretch of dirt, with a whole lot of gravel and sometimes some sticks demarcating its sides
There is a little clearing in the Sky from which I can pick up the shimmer of aurora. its 6Kp right now.
thats exciting.
We have to hurry because at 9pm the border between Norway and Russia closes, which gives us 20 minutes.
We are right in time.
We pass the Norwegian check point.
In no mans land, 2 half cylinders of orange plastic are set up for Syrian refugees Some people hang out in front of it,
we drive by slowly
for a moment I think I hear music playing outside
when we get stopped by Russian military police I realize its just the radio playing static and a hint of Cia We made it into Russia, the military zone;
we are not allowed to stand still here
some light is peeking from behind the horizon but generally everything is dark.
there are no lanterns that light the street and the light in the sky is made of vague reflections, turning the clouds from green to red;
a flurry of chemical light and the light of 'civilization' from beyond the horizon A big bad is hovering above us for a little while. I have never seen such a big bad.
we pass 19KM, a military town. suddenly we are surrounded by fog.
Three bodies loom up on the side of the road
they are military bodies.
The bodies turn their heads to the car;
they want to hitch a ride.
We enter Sputnik, the next military town
suddenly the fog is gone
the white noise changes - it's no longer coming from inside the car but instead turned into noise on the windshield
its snowing now
in the headlights it looks like we are star traveling
I am getting really tired
Our driver seems to make it a sport to flatten as many gerbils as possible
I guess Zhanna did not tell him I am vegetarian
Why are there so many gerbils on the road ?
My head falls down again which wakes me up. In front of me is a long bridge stretching out over dark water.
at the end stands the largest red and white chimney I have ever seen.

...We made it to Murmansk...


DCT: Legibility at MOTI, Breda opening the 3th of October.

Rosa Menkman, Discrete Cosine Transform, 2015. [click image to download the ttf]
A new work for the exhibition "Design my Privacy" opening at MOTI museum on the 3rd of October. 
The legibility of an encrypted message does not just depend on the complexity of the encryption algorithm, but also on the placement of the data of the message. The Discreet Cosine Transform is a mathematical technique. In the case of the JPEG compression, a DCT is used to describe a finite set of patterns, called macroblocks, that could be described as the 64 character making up the JPEG image, adding lumo and chroma values as ‘intonation’. If an image is compressed correctly, its macroblocks become ‘invisible’. The incidental trace of the macroblocks is generally ignored as artifact or error. Keeping this in mind, I developed DCT. DCT uses the esthetics of JPEG macroblocks to mask its secret message as error. The encrypted message, hidden on the surface of the image is only legible by the ones in the know.

A first iteration of this work was made for the iRD, at Transfer Gallery in 2015.