Only avatars should fall.

September 2015, I was commissioned to produce a 30sec video to be played on big LED 'Urban Screens' in train stations all over the Netherlands. 
Their reply was: "its too strange, we can't use it." 

 Blah!  left it since then, but now dugg it up for a screening this May in London! 



Etched in DCT: BeyondResolution

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BeyondResolutionFullSizeRender copy
Rosa Menkman. Etched in DCT: BeyondResolution, 2016.

Last week I took part in a four-day-long etching workshop at Plaatsmaken. I learned that sometimes I do like the end product of an etch, [[~Not my personal work, the plates and prints I produced had to many flaws~]] One of the things I made was this small print of "BeyondResolution", encrypted in DCT, which seems like a pretty small outcome for a 4 day work of labor...
I do like the look that this kind of prints can have on the paper when its done thick black dirty grime vs clean white. But I am not good enough to produce this kind of outcome.

I have not worked a lot in crafts processes' like this before - I am a perfectionist and can pixel push for days, but usually I do this within the environment of the computer. To experience the amount of chemicals, plastics and paper I handled and the waste produced in the process was truly remarkable for someone not versed in the craft of print.
On a side note: I was perplexed by the fact that the high quality paper we used to print on, is branded in the corner; every sheet carries an embossing of 
paper brands' logo
Why would anybody, especially an artist, like to work on a pre branded, *white* canvas??

Etsing workshop
iRD plate in which I also planned to etch a Flatland map. 

I also tried to make a custom iRD plate, that was not square, but the figure saw-work is ... a next level kind of suffering which cost me a whole day. And then I kind of gave up and shelved the project.. Woops. Next time..

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0,1 // assume both

▇▉█▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█▇ ▇▉█▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█ 

Participating artists: Dries Depoorter, Jan Robert Leegte, Rosa Menkman, Zsolt Mesterhazy, rad0van Misovic, Karina Pálosi, Alex Zakkas, Joubin Zargarbashi
Exhibition: 26.03 - 30.03.2016

Does 0 mean off?
Does 1 mean yes?
// 011100110110111101110011
The nature of the real is disputable. Is the digital any different? Are they even seperate?
Even though it is presumed that digital spaces are neatly organised - they are in fact as kludgy as the next space. Every slot has its own standard, every platform its own handle, every socket its own protocol. With "0,1 // assume both", BrowserBased illustrates some of these ambiguities in a playful manner. 

█▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█▇▇ █▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▊▊█▇▇ 

For 0,1 // assume both, I worked on a render of one of the last chapters of the DCT:Syphoning.  "Madness or Hell?".  I don't consider this render a final one, I think it will be final only when all 7 chapters are rendered, however it is another part of the short film. 

▇▉▅▋▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊▊█▇▇ █▅▋▅▎▍▇▌▇❚▝▊█▇▇

//Upcoming Dates

in stratosphere without you
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27/03/16-29/05/16: installation of DCT: Legibility during Design my Privacy, Z33, Hasselt, BE 
10/04/16-31/07/16: installation of A Spomenik [for Resolutions] during Queens international: Dance with flARmingos, NY, US. 
06/04/16-14/04/16: Zwaar Metaal Residency, Plaatsmaken, Arnhem, NL. 
17/04/16-30/04/16: Books.org exhibition, Arebyte, London, UK.  
22/04/2016: Paradise is Exactly Like Where You are Now...Only Much Much Better at the sad.gif show 4 Manchester rd, Richmond, Vi, US.  
26/04/2016: Screening of 45 76 65 72 79 74 68 69 6e 67 20 during Fractured Gestures at HeK, Basel, CH.
28/04/2016: Screening of Lunar Storm, as part of Vertical Cinema @Gegenkino, Leipzich, De.  
09/05/16-15/05/16: Screening of DCT: Madness or Hell in window Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE. 
14/05/2015: Paradise is Exactly Like Where You are Now...Only Much Much Better at the sad.gif show at Glasshouse Brooklyn, NY, US. 
19/05/16-22/05/16: MediaLive, Denver, Colorado, US.
04/05/16-20/05/16: Screening at Assemblypoint, London, UK.
02/06/2016: Guest teaching Leuphana University, Hamburg, DE.
06/06/2016: Guest at V2/teaching C. Cloningers students. R'dam NL. 
8-13/06/16: Sonic Acts Dark Ecology Journey, NO / RU. 
21/06/16-26/06/16: WhiteChapel Indefinite Visions talk, London, UK. 
01/07/16-31/07/16: Residency Cimatics, Brussels, BE. 
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